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zoepennohSupporters of outgoing Grand Gedeh County Senator Isaac W. Nyenabo at the weekend pledged their support to Senatorial Aspirant Zoe Emmanuel Pennue.

The supporters under the banner “Movement for the Re election of Nyenabo or MOTREN” told a gathering of Grand Gedeans their decision to support Representative Pennue was based on the withdrawal of Senator Isaac W. Nyenabo from the election.


MOTREN Gbarzon Chairman Odomeo Jimmy added that following Senator Nyenabo’s withdrawal, a consultative meeting was held at which time his group decided to checkmate candidates contesting the county highest seat following which Representative Pennue emerged as the choice of the people.

Chairman Jimmy said they have also decided to support Representative Pennue based on his enormous contributions to the people of the county.

He said Rep. Pennue is development oriented and has done so much for the people of the county, adding that he (Pennue) has empowered business women, youth, students and sponsored several development projects in the county.

He indicated that MOTREN supporters in Grand Gedeh have also endorsed the decision to support Rep. Pennue in the forthcoming Senatorial elections slated for mid November 2014.

Receiving the petition of support, Representative Pennue reaffirmed his support to developmental activities of Grand Gedeh county.

 He termed the petition as a manifestation of the confidence the people of Grand Gedeh has in him. He said the support clearly shows that the people of Grand Gedeh have appreciated his contributions to the county.