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….In Southeastern Liberia

southeastIn an effort to keep the southeastern counties safe from the deadly Ebola virus, security officers at every entry point are vigorously enforcing the recently announced measures by the Liberian government.    Recently, the government ordered the mounting of checkpoints at the borders between Nimba and Bong counties on one hand and Nimba and Grand Gedeh Counties on the other hand.

According to our reporter who recently returned from the south-eastern counties, security is very tight at every checkpoint before entering a town or village, with passengers ordered to disembark their vehicles for hands washing.   Our reporter said the checking of passengers’ fever levels using thermo flash provided by ArcerlorMittal Liberia are strictly being observed before crossing a checkpoint.

He said all passengers are required to be logged with details including where they come from, where they are going, their contacts, whom they are visiting, contacts of persons from where they come, among other details.

The exercise, according to security officers and health workers at these checkpoints, is intended to prepare for what needs to happen when contact tracing becomes necessary.   Our reporter who visited River Gee, Maryland and Grand Kru counties said all motorcyclists and their passengers are asked to wear long sleeves shirts and long trousers or skirts to avoid skin contacts.

He quoted health workers as saying people tested with high fever levels are detained and sent to Monrovia for further test.

“All other checkpoints have been instructed to have hand washing facilities to make passengers/travelers to watch their hands before passing through; village, town, city and county inspectors have been instructed to ensure compliance,” the travel regulation is quoted as saying.


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