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The Liberia National Bar Association has paid tribute to victims of the Ebola virus in the country.

An executive of the association, Cllr. J Bima Lansanah said, it is time that Liberians and foreign residents soberly reflect on the carnage caused by the deadly disease and coordinate their activities in the fight to contain the virus.

Speaking on behalf of the Liberia National Bar Association at the Temple of Justice during formal opening ceremonies of the Civil Law Court Monday, Cllr. Lansanah said it is not only a matter of sophistication, but a simple hygienic procedure that needs to be practiced by every Liberian and foreign residents to contain the disease.

He said while it may seem difficult to avoid traditional practices including shaking hands, bathing dead bodies, converging in large numbers for traditional feasts, among others, those practices must stop for now in order to get rid of the Ebola virus.

Meanwhile, Cllr. Lansanah has reiterated the need for the creation of additional divisions of the Civil Law Court.

He said the capacity of the current Civil Law Court is limited to adjudicate and dispose of cases pending before the court for determination.

He told judges, lawyers, party litigants and other members of the public who attended Monday`s opening ceremonies that until this is done, the court will continue to experience extreme difficulties in disposing of cases.


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