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ministerbrownThe Government of Liberia says additional drastic measures are needed in Monrovia to curtail the continuous spread of the dreadful Ebola virus in the city.

Information Minister Lewis Brown said Montserrado County, mainly Monrovia remains a serious challenge to fight against Ebola.

Speaking Tuesday at the Ministry of Information debut Ebola press briefing in Monrovia, the MICAT boss said the government, through the Ebola Taskforce was working on additional measures to reduce the increased transmission of the virus.

He said unlike Guinea and Sierra Leone, the government of Liberia is being challenged in fighting the deadly virus in its densely populated capital city. Liberia has an estimated population of nearly 4 million with Monrovia constituting about 970,824 people as of the 2008 census, amounting to 29% of the total population of the country and is considered as the country's most populous city.

 The MICAT boss said at least 233 suspected, probable and confirmed new cases were recorded in Montserrado County, mainly Monrovia over the week.

He said government is encouraging community leaders to support the establishment of holding centers in their communities.

 Minister Brown said this will help the government in ensuring that individuals suspected of the virus and other fevers are kept under observation before being released or sent for further treatment.