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The Liberian Senate has concurred with the House of Representatives authorizing emergency spending to allow government fight the deadly Ebola virus.

The Legislature’s approval now gives the Executive power to spend over US$20 million to contain the Ebola virus which continues to kill Liberians and other nationals.

In a communication to the House of Representatives, the Senate said it is in support of the request to allow government deal with the Ebola outbreak.

According to the Senate, its decision to concur with the Representatives is based on the recent state of emergency declared by Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf.

The Senate said based on the danger Ebola poses to the country and its people, it is important to ensure that the needed resources are secured to fight the virus.

The House has commended the Senate for its timely concurrence aimed at enhancing the fight against Ebola.

Deputy Speaker Hans M. Barchue reminded his colleagues to hold together and put aside politics during this emergency period.