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When President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf got her second mandate from the Liberian people in 2011, she was under obligation to ensure that the aspirations of the people are met. Unlike the first term, which was practically good; although certain development goals were not met, by and large most Liberians believe that the President’s performance was better than now.

It Is Difficult to understand why the socioeconomic condition of the country is declining. The living conditions of Liberians are appalling, foreign businesses are rapidly scaling down their operations amid the spread of the Ebola virus. The Liberian economy was predicted to increase by 5.9% this year, but considering the current state of affairs – with government having limited resources to fight Ebola and address other critical development issues –economists believe that it would be difficult to get 3% by the end of the year.

The Ebola Crisis has and will seriously impact the economy, especially when the government lacks sufficient resources to deal with all of the mammoth problems at once. In spite of all of what we are going through as a nation and people, President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf continues to suggest that the “Iron Lady” Liberian knew is beginning to show lack of efficacy in dealing with her officials.

Last Week, The President gave her officials who are abroad to return in one week or face dismissal. One week has since expired on Monday, and there are indications that some of her officials are still abroad.  The President has taken no decision yet, and it is uncertain whether she intends to penalize those who violated her order.

This Very Issue has been raised by Darius Dillon, a confidante of the President, who said since the president instructed her officials to return home within one week; that one week expired and nothing has been done to them. Dillon says some of her officials are still out of Liberia, but she is yet to act against them.

Dillon’s Statement Is an indication that these officials take the president for granted because they know when she says one thing, she does another. Liberians are resilient people, but they are not happy with the way the president is handling the affairs of state and her officials.

We Believe That the President is right to demand her officials who are abroad to return home. She cannot be fighting Ebola and struggling to address other state matters while her officials are on safari; it is unacceptable.

We Know That the President has always protected her officials whether they are wrong or right. We recall couple of months ago, when the government was in pursuit for Ellen Corkrum, the former managing director of the Roberts International Airport (who secretly recorded some government officials, including the president), it was some of the very officials who aided her to escape the country.

Therefore, When Her officials are behaving in this manner, we are not surprise. Madam President must match her words with actions or else she will be viewed as a president who pretends to be serious about what she says.