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fearinbomiResidents of Tubmanburg, Bomi County have expressed fear over the rapid spread of the deadly Ebola virus in the county.

The citizens said they are being terrified daily by the spread of the disease, which is claiming the lives of their compatriots across the county

The citizens in an interview with The NEWS over the weekend in Tubmanburg said rumors of a recent attack on the country has also increased their fear, thus causing many persons to seek refuge in nearby towns and villages.

There have been widespread rumors that a truck filled with weapons was seized at the Lofa Bridge. According to the rumors, the guns were intended to attack the country.

The citizens’ fear was expressed by a medical doctor at the Government Hospital, Dr. Gabriel Logan during a meeting with Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL) Deputy Chief of Staff, Eric Dennis.

He said apart from the terror caused by the Ebola virus, rumor of an alleged attack on Liberia was causing residents to panic.

Dr. Logan noted “we keep hearing that people are planning to attack the country, amidst the outbreak of the Ebola virus in our country.”

He told Deputy Chief of Staff Dennis that the rumors is scaring residents of Tubmanburg, some of whom have called him on numerous occasions to ascertain the reality of the allegation in the city.

In quick response, Dennis rekindled the hope of residents when he said the country is fully protected.

 “I dare any creature to attack this country. Nobody can attack this nation because it is fully protected,” he emphasized.

According to him, soldiers of the Armed Forces of Liberia are on full alert and would resist any attack on Liberia.

He lauded Dr. Logan and the hospital staff for accepting a team of 30 soldiers assigned in Tubmanburg.

Deputy Chief of Staff Dennis assured that the soldiers would provide security protection for health workers in the discharge of their duty.

He accepted a request from Dr. Logan to fence an isolation camp erected near the hospital for people infected with the Ebola virus.

Equipped with 12 beds, Dr. Logan indicated the camp is intended to prepare Ebola patients prior to transferring them to Monrovia, noting Monrovia is now overwhelmed.

The Deputy Chief of Staff and his team toured the facility and disclosed that the AFL would continue its support to the health team.