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ebolabodyTorrential rains towed down Monrovia and its environs as the death toll in Liberia’s worst health epidemic rises. Health workers in protective gears seem overwhelmed by repeated calls from communities about the bodies of suspected ebola victims.

Fears loom in the beleaguered city as the poverty stricken people are petrified by the scourge of a virus that seems to have shown its penultimate onslaught on the country’s scattered health system. The death toll is beyond 270, and there’s no indication when this will end.

Most Liberians believe that their government is unable to deal with the mammoth cases of suspected ebola cases and deaths across the country, unless a massive international rescue mission takes over the situation, there would be a human catastrophe before the end of the ebola war.

The World Health Organization says it would take about six months to contain the virus that already taken the lives over 1,000 persons in the West African sub region.

Under the rain, the bodies of a number of suspected Ebola victims were discovered in Brewerville and other parts of the city. Residents in Brewerville reportedly set road blocks in their community due to the delay of the Health Ministry response team to remove ebola bodies in their community.

Residents told The NEWS that some of the bodies in and around Monrovia may not necessarily be ebola victims but instead some of these bodies might be people who died from other causes, but the fear of ebola and the warning from health officials not to touch dead bodies have triggered fright in the public.

There are reports that 17 suspected ebola patients and some confirmed Ebola patients escaped an isolation center late Saturday, August 16, 2014 in West Point, a densely populated slump.

According to Frontpageafrica, news about the escape of the 17 suspected ebola patients and those already confirmed, were revealed by Sam Tarplah, a registered nurse who is managing the self-initiative isolation center in west point.

Tarplah said the suspected Ebola patients escaped from a concrete fence and a building with half transparent windows.

According to him, there were 29 persons that the center had registered but nine had died over the last few days. A day ago, he claimed that one of the patients who were very weak, fell on his forehead and died.

He said on Friday, a lady from Bardnersville who brought food for her husband and a son, two of them Ebola positive, became angry when she was not allowed entry and as such some residents of West Point, assisted her in erecting sticks on the wall of the fence where the man and his son used to escape.

Meanwhile, there are growing concerns over the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare’s handling of the Ebola virus, heightening fears that the virus could spread faster than expected across the country. It is not known which community the escapees are  currently residing.