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chrineyorA contender for Montserrado County Senatorial seat Christopher Z. Neyor has described President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf’s promise to fight corruption as an ‘empty talk’.

In her inaugural speech in 2006, President Johnson-Sirleaf declared corruption as a public enemy #1.

However, Mr. Neyor claimed that “past and present leaders have promised the fight against corruption and other vices in Liberia, but all have been empty talks.

He said although Liberia has established anti-corruption commission and enacted code of conduct, however, the fight against corruption is still being circumvented.

Mr. Neyor said Liberians must go beyond hypocritical lips service and take a united stand against corruption across all segment of the society, if the country must make progress in its development endeavors.

He told a news conference Wednesday that when elected in October, he will work with colleagues and stakeholders to host a national conference on corruption to be followed by town hall meetings across the country to bring the issues of corruption as a poison to the consciousness of all of us.

“I will enhance the oversight responsibility of the Legislature and ensure officials who commit improprieties in service to the people are indicted and prosecuted and judges who betrayed the public trust are impeached,” he observed.

He disclosed that he would review the prospect of an independent public prosecution agency insulated from presidential influence, when elected as Senator in October.

Speaking further, Mr. Neyor said all “we hear about nowadays is we do not have money for this project and that project and that there are budget shortfalls. It is well known that the problem of Liberia’s economic and financial malaise is not so much the lack of money but more corruption and the mismanagement of resources”.

The former NOCAL Boss indicated that he believes Liberia can increase available revenue for critical national investment in education and infrastructure by curtailing corruption, reducing waste and decreasing tax leakages.