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fatherlepsleyThe Lutheran Church in Liberia (LCL) has announced that Father Michael Lepsley, Director of the Institute for Healing of Memories based in South Africa is expected to arrive in Liberia.

Father Lepsley, who is expected to arrive in the country this Saturday, was invited by the Trauma Healing and Reconciliation Program of the Lutheran Church as a means of fostering national reconciliation and healing in Liberia and to also learn from the South African experience.

His visit will be used to encourage individuals and communities to move through a journey of healing towards forgiveness and reconciliation in Liberia.

While in Liberia, the Father is expected to use the time to also share his traumatic experiences.

He will also narrate how his ministry has helped others who have experienced systemic violence and personal pain.

Father Michael, who was sent a letter bomb as a mail, lost both hands and one eyes in the blast, and was seriously burnt.

Since then, Father Michael has become a marvelous advocate for healing, forgiveness and restorative justice in South Africa and other strife-torn regions of the globe.

Father Michael continues to draw on his own traumatic experiences to promote the healing of others in South Africa and throughout the world.  He now serves as an expert in truth and reconciliation, and has greatly contributed to the success of the South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC).

Father Michael who departs Liberia on Monday, August 4, will also use the opportunity to meet with different stakeholders   including top government officials, international and local organizations and other peace building organizations in the country on the significance of national healing, reconciliation and unity and how Liberia can create the environment for sustainable development and peace.