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tepotehnkokoyahDr. Togba-Nah Tipoteh, presidential candidate in the 2011 general and presidential elections is calling for a new National Elections Commission (NEC).

Dr. Tipoteh says NEC must be changed for fair elections to take place in Liberia.

Tipoteh said, he is making the call because NEC has demonstrated that it is not capable of holding fair elections.

 The renowned Liberian politician insists that it his patriotic duty to point out any wrong that would have a negative effect on the stability of Liberia.

Therefore, he is pointing out the wrong decisions of NEC that could lead to widespread disturbance with a negative impact on the stability of Liberia.

When questioned by some media people over the weekend about what evidence he has on the inability of NEC to hold fair elections, Dr. Tipoteh answered by making the following points: “1.NEC deliberately placed the wrong name of a Presidential Candidate, Mrs. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, on the 2011 ballot; instead of placing her correct name, which is Ellen Johnson Sirleaf on the ballot, Dr. Tipoteh said that NEC ignored his complaint about this deliberate mistake; 2.NEC has not responded to the publicly declared information about one of the NEC Commissioners being a citizen of the United States of America; 3.NEC has not responded to the publicly declared information on foreigners, holding illegal Liberian citizenship papers, being given voter  registration cards; and 4.NEC's violation of its own rules to deny the registration of a political party, as in the case of the Proposed MOJA Party.

This violation is seen in the violation of Chapter II Section 4 on the Correction of Deficiencies, where NEC failed to serve notice on any deficiency within its own ruled 15 days upon the receipt of the requirements of the Proposed Political Party.”

 Dr. Tipoteh is insisting that the change in NEC must be done now so that there can be fairness in the October 2014 Senatorial Elections.

He is appealing to the president to act now by calling upon the Civil Society Council of Liberia and the Inter-Religious Council of Liberia to present a list of ten possible Commissioners to her and then she can form the new NEC from the list presented by the Councils.

Tipoteh said Liberia cannot afford to make the same mistakes that were made in the 2011 elections.

He concluded by saying that the best July 26 gift that the President could give the people of Liberia is to announce the formation of a new NEC to promote fair elections and stability in Liberia.