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--Eight Killed On Buchanan Highway

accidentSince the Buchanan highway was completed last year, some motorists have been taking advantage of the good condition of the road to run at extremely high speed at times.

Residents in towns and villages along the highway have witnessed a number of accidents, some of which have resulted to fatality, while others left travelers incapacitated.

However, a road traffic accident occurred Sunday, July 20, 2014 when a taxi leaving the port city of Buchanan to Monrovia collided with a truck coming from the direction of Monrovia to Buchanan.

Reports say about eight persons were killed in the accident, leaving eyewitnesses to bitterly weep.

It is not clear what caused the accident, but reports say a truck moving at excessive speed and attempting to dodge a motorcyclist, plunged into a moving taxi thus killing all passengers on board.

The calamity on the highway left eyewitnesses and nearby villagers to struggled in rescuing victims but to no avail.

The Liberia National Police have confirmed the reports but police spokesman Sam Collins told The NEWS that he was in a meeting; therefore, he could not comment on the incident.

Police authorities are said to be investigating circumstances surrounding the accident.