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 ...George Weah

 weahAmid reports that he would back off from the Montserrado County senatorial race in support of Robert A. Sirleaf, the political leader of the opposition Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) Ambassador George M. Weah says he will not back off from the race.

He said if anyone thinks that he will not be a candidate in the special senatorial election of Montserrado County, that person must rethink.

Ambassador Weah spoke to reporters Sunday minutes after being honored as “Father of the Year” by the Georgia Pattern United Methodist Church in Monrovia.

The CDC political leader said it is unthinkable for him to participate in his party's primary and elected as its candidate, only for people to say that he will not contest the senatorial election.

Ambassador Weah said he is preparing for the election and does not have any plan to back off as being rumored.

Asked if he's worried about the entrance of Mr. Sirleaf into the race, Mr. Weah said he careless who enters the race.

Ambassador Weah vowed to defeat anyone who will contest the Montserrado County senatorial election in October.

He said “I have a party that has the strength to go to any election and win; so, I careless about who enters the race.”