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 …Principal Defendant Claims

The principal defendant in the case involving a presidential escort vehicle used in the allege trafficking and illegal possession of narcotic drugs stunned his listeners Monday when he testified that the vehicle was stolen by an unknown person at a car washing area on Buchanan Street in Monrovia.

The valued of the drugs estimated at L$3.7 million. Defendant Perry C. Dolo who with four others, are standing trial for allegedly using the Police Presidential Escort vehicle to transport illegal substances into the country.

He told the court that the vehicle was taken to the mechanic shop at the Benson and Buchanan Street intersections after it developed mechanical problem.

Dolo testified that after the mechanic who carried the vehicle for test drive could not return, he left the Car Washing area and informed someone that if the mechanic comes back, he should take the vehicle to the Slipway Police Depot.

The defense witness told the court that after he received a call that his vehicle was in a problem at a checkpoint in Grand Cape Mount County, he immediately chattered a motorbike to carry him to Tienni, but unfortunately the motorcyclist went out of gasoline.

Defendant Dolo said he decided calling his friends Mohammed Bah and Cyrus Slewion for them to go on the Cape Mount Highway to assist them because their motorbike had gone out of gasoline.

Bah is also one of the defendants and taxi driver, who according to his testimony, has had a long relationship with defendant Dolo; while defendant Slewion, prior to his arrest and detention, served as an officer of the Emergency Response Unit (ERU) of the Liberia National Police.

Earlier, Dolo testified that after the breakdown of their motorbike, a commissioner in the area raised an alarm by informing the town people that some ‘heart men’ had escaped from the security forces at the Tienni Check Point and should be on the alert.

However, he denied taking part in any drug trafficking, but told the court that on the morning of November, 9, 2013, he received a call from someone that his assigned vehicle had a problem at the Tienni checkpoint in Grand Cape Mount County.

Prior to Dolo’s arrest and incarceration, he served as Police Commander assigned to the presidential convoy at the Executive Mansion for safety rules and traffic control.

The disrobed police officer, who claimed that his name has been paraded at the front pages of every newspapers in Liberia without contacting him, told the court the case against them was a ‘make-up’ by  the Government of Liberia.