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sfreemanThe Political Leader of the Movement for Progressive Change (MPC), Simeon Freeman has rejected his appointment on the board of Grand Bassa Community College (GBCC) by President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf.

Mr. Freeman was appointed by President Sirleaf Tuesday on the board of the GBCC in Grand Bassa County, the home town of Mr. Freeman.

However, Mr. Freeman says “he’s not sure that his acceptance of a board membership of the Grand Bassa Community College as critical as he is, will release the flow of fund to the college.”

He told journalists that I am not sure that my presence on the board of the Grand Bassa Community College will change the curriculum of the university because “that university is patterning after what is happening nationally.”

The MPC political leader said it doesn’t appear to him that being a board member at the college is going to change anything.

“I must stress that I have a strong desire to be a service to my people but I am unwilling to let that desire to be contained by a position,” the opposition politician stressed.

For instance, Mr. Freeman narrated that even when he’s elected as a lawmaker, he would quit his job within two months if he cannot meet the expectation of Liberians through the passage of a budget that will reflect their aspirations.

“So I will not be contained to a position, if I can’t be a service to my people,” he emphasized.

Mr. Freeman indicated that the purpose of a public job is to influence lives and help people realize their aspirations, adding “it is not about me getting gas, car, it is not about me getting money, it is about being a service so anything that defeats the goal of being a service to my people then I am unwilling to be contained by that position.”

Hence, Mr. Freeman said against this backdrop, “I am not going to accept an appointment as a board member at the Grand Bassa County Community College.”

He challenged President Johnson-Sirleaf to give him the opportunity to serve in other areas. He did not state the specific area.