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In Politics, Anything is possible, especially in this poverty stricken country called Liberia. Our society is gullible and predominantly illiterate wherein understanding critical issues and attempting to differentiate the truth from half truth is difficult.

As We Begin the senatorial contest, our people must understand that there are certain masquerades who will use any or all available medium to score political points by engaging in grimy politics either on social media or through the local press to scorn the reputation of contestants who are politically hefty. It appears that this election might go out of hand if the National Election Commission is not cognizant of the fluid trend it is gradually taking.

Early This Week, a photograph posted on social media, published and broadcast in local media alleged that Ambassador George Manneh Weah is in possession of an American Passport.  It’s not certain whether the passport is real or fake; however, Liberians are still debating the authenticity of the document.

Ambassador Weah Is not the first person alleged to have had an American Passport. Robert Sirleaf, the son of President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf was accused last year by Rep. Edwin Snowe. Just recently, a leaked document from the Bureau of Immigration and Naturalization (BIN), published in the media exposed how Mr. Sirleaf requested for resident permit in Liberia. This scenario tells anyone that if Mr. Sirleaf is a Liberian citizen, why he allegedly requested for resident permit.

The 1986 Constitution of Liberia does not support dual citizenship. In fact, the provision of the Constitution is unambiguous and succinct. Therefore, those wanting to score political point against Mr. Weah must provide the evidence and unveil themselves.

The Liberian People are not ignorant of the fact that some of President Sirleaf’s officials carry U.S. citizenship. However, we honestly believe that as much as dual citizenship is a constitutional matter, those making the allegation must have the evidence and not engage in pseudo campaigning at the detriment of others.