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     …Kofi Woods 

woodsFormer Public Works Minister Samuel Kofi Woods says the Liberian government is slipping into the state of extreme mistrust.

Mr. Woods said the government’s reaction to issues and questions raised about governance has not been addressed within the framework of willingness to dialogue, but rather with acrimony and utter arrogance.   Mr. Woods said it is dangerous for any government to thread on this path where every kind word is seen with an evil intent.

Addressing a news conference Thursday in Monrovia, Mr. Woods who now serves as Consultant to the Liberia Law Society observed that every good deed about the government is rewarded with evil and rebuff.

“Every sincere effort is met with anger, vindictiveness and disdain and every proposal accepted and/or rejected with cynicism,” he indicated.

Woods urged the government to find a way forward and entertain alternative views regarding the country’s national progress and development, noting that no view no matter how ignorant must be discouraged.

He noted that it is within the cross-fertilization of ideas that Liberia will prosper. He wants the government to be concerned about addressing issues in order to reverse the unfortunate course the country is now set upon.

Mr. Woods said for more than a year, there have been indications of increasing anger and anxiety on the governance of the country to the extent where Liberians are losing faith in their national leaders to proactively address the teetering problems facing them.   These issues, according to him, need to be addressed irrespective of political, social and economic persuasions with national consultation to manage what is becoming a discontent in the country.