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abkroanwilliamsCredible information gathered by The NEWS has revealed that Deputy Police Director for Operations Abraham Kromah might not appear for any of the hearings in the case involving journalist Octavin Williams.

According to the information, Col. Kromah is yet to make contacts with state lawyers regarding the case since journalist Williams was charged and sent to court.

A source closed to the Deputy Police Chief hinted this paper Thursday that condemnations on his action against the journalist will last for some time and subsequently vanish.

Although the information is not independently verified, but the source said Kromah wanted to prove something to journalist Williams. He did not elaborate.  

The latest information appears that the Deputy Police Chief is attempting to avoid justice due to his reported lack of evidence to prove the charges brought against the journalist.

On Tuesday, July 8, 2014, state prosecutors and Kromah failed to appear in court for the case. Journalist Williams along with his lawyer, Cllr. T. Dempster Brown waited for several minutes in anticipation for the hearing to begin but the complainant was nowhere around for the case.

As a result of the failure of Kromah and his lawyers to appear, the Magistrate had no option but to suspend the hearing. No new date has been set.

Journalist Williams stands accused of Simple Assault and Disorderly Conduct which, according to the police, is in violation of Chapter 14, section 14.21 and chapter 17, section 17.3 respectively of the revised Penal Law of Liberia.

A police charge sheet alleged that Williams hit plaintiff Kromah in his (Kromah’s) chest.

The police said after Journalist Williams hit the Senior Officer, he started behaving in a rudely manner by using profane languages against Kromah.

The charge sheet stated that the incident occurred on Gurley Street when Deputy Director Kromah spotted an operator of a vehicle identified as Williams using a foreign license plate.

According to the police, defendant Williams refused to heed to police instruction for plying the street with an unregistered plate, but rather challenged the authority of the police officer.

The charges against journalist Williams are yet to be proven as Kromah and his lawyers’ decision to stay away from the hearing remains unknown.