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…Sen. Taylor Calls For Cohesiveness

mrstaylorBong County Senior Senator Jewel Howard Taylor says openness in any government is major challenge that requires the involvement of every sector of the country and people to success.   Sen. Taylor said openness is challenge that takes collective political leadership at every level of governance including strong collaborative action with civil society actors and other citizens in order to turn those commitments into reality that fulfill the hopes and dreams of the people.

“It takes the change of the mind set of people, especially on issues of corruption, unpatriotic attitudes and behaviors…” Sen. Taylor said Tuesday when she served as guest speaker at program marking the celebration of the first anniversary of the Open Government Partnership (OGP) held in Monrovia.

The Bong County Senator said the initiative which seeks to secure plans and actions under four keys including, transparency; accountability and integrity; citizens’ participation; and technology and innovation needs consolidated efforts for its implementation.

She said the national commitment being led by the government for a reformed agenda has achieved some tangible results, which include the passage and signing of the Freedom of Information (FOI) law; the establishments of the Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission (LACC); General Auditing Commission (GAC), Public Procurement and Concessions Commission (PPCC), the Code of Conduct and other relevant legislations.

“It is clear to all of us that open government provides a better platform where nations are forced to become stronger; will become more prosperous, just and eventually become responsive to the needs of citizens…Sen. Taylor said.      

She indicated that it remains unarguable that governments exist predominantly for the benefit of its people and therefore the people must be equal partners in determining what should be done and how these things are done for their benefits.

The Bong County Senator said even though much has been achieved by the government and its partners for better governance in the country, it was equally important to be cognizant that the work to overcoming the challenge of openness in governance has just started, as there are still some relevant pieces of legislations that are yet to be passed.

She said it was also important for the government to put in place a fair, equitable and just system that will transform the lives of the people and address issues of unemployment, lack of basic services, and sustained employment.

Speaking earlier, Information Minister Lewis Brown said the OGP is an important partnership that will assist the government in becoming a just, free and accountable society that it aspires to become.

Minister Brown told the attendees to look beyond the OGP analysis and explore avenues that will keep the partnership and the collective objective of an opened society on track.