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 …Amb Malac

malacnellenUnited States Ambassador to Liberia Deborah R. Malac has acknowledged tremendous progress being made by the Government under President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf over the last eight years, but was quick to state that much is still required to deliver the promise.

Speaking Thursday at a reception of the 238th Independence celebration of the United States of America, Ambassador Malac said there is much more to be done by the government to deliver the promise and benefits of peace and prosperity to all Liberians.

According to Ambassador Malac, this requires renewed commitment to work together to achieve the promise because sustainable, broad based development and true economic prosperity do not happen overnight.

The United States envoy told the gathering of American citizens, Liberians and other nationalities that through mechanisms, the U.S. Government was working with Liberians to help build a Liberia that is at peace with itself and its neighbours.

However, Ambassador Malac has told overly the zealous Liberians demanding development from their government that building such a bright future is no easy task, especially in the wake of devastating conflict.

She noted that this requires unity of effort, a shared vision and a commitment to common good.

Malac reminded Liberians that success or opportunity should not automatically unleash unfounded invective, but should serve as a model of what is possible to achieve through joint efforts.

According to her, the wheels of progress cannot turn forward if they are constantly blocked by the stones of pettiness and personal attacks whose sole purpose is to prevent things from happening or preserve political or personal advantage.

“This does not mean that there must always be agreement on every policy- alternative or dissenting views can drive innovative solutions and are necessary component of a vibrant democracy - but it does not require public disclosure marked by civility and respect, we can agree to disagreed while continuing to work together in the best interest of the country,” the ambassador noted.

The United States Ambassador recounted her government’s contributions to Liberia’s recovery and development, citing the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) assistance to various programs, the Department of States and Defense, Peace Corps, private American non-governmental organizations, faith-based groups and philanthropic entities sponsored programs in the country as classic examples.

In brief remarks, President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf recalled the long ties that have existed between Liberia and the United States.

Johnson-Sirleaf said Liberia is grateful to be true partner to the United States.

She wished President Obama and the people of the United States of America long life and prosperity on behalf of the people of Liberia.

The Liberian leader said over the course of a century of bilateral relations, Liberia and the United States of America have experienced deep ties of friendship, partnership and kingship.

She said the two countries have taken extraordinary steps in strengthening this friendship in partnership dialogues and other initiatives that are mutually beneficial.

“We recommit ourselves to continue to explore avenues for greater cooperation and collaboration,” President Sirleaf added.