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2 MPC FreemanThe Political Leader of the Movement for Progress Change (MPC) Simone Freeman has challenged Liberian Muslims to dispel negative perceptions which, according to him, 'Islam is struggling with in Liberia.'

He challenged Muslims not to consider the proposition to make 'Liberia a Christian State' as a threat, but as an opportunity to showcase that Islam is a great religion.

Addressing the Liberia National Muslim Conference over the weekend in Grand Cape Mount County, Mr. Freeman said the preposition presents an opportunity for Muslims to look at the way the National Muslim Council is seem, noting “if you do that it will impact the way you are viewed from the outside.”

He told the audience of Muslim leaders from across the country that it is difficult to distinguish the National Muslim Council from the National Mandingo Caucus, although the two are separate organizations. 

Mr. Freeman said Muslims need to wake-up, be bold and deep into their pockets and engage every radio station in the country to explain Islam, so that people can understand the challenges of Christianizing Liberia.

According to him, the big Muslim people need to make their relevant known by putting money on the table so that the issue of Islam can be brought up and discussed.

He disclosed that some of the guys on the Street supporting Liberia to become a Christian state do not understand what it means when you say Liberia is a Christian country.

The MPC Political Leader said he is happy that the proposal to make Liberia a Christian state came up at the Constitutional Review Conference because it has now caused Muslims to come together at the conference.

But according to him, Muslims are busy discussing disunity and not the commonality of their unification which can give them what they want from central government.

Mr. Freeman said Muslims now have the opportunity to look at the bigger picture of what unite them, and challenged Muslims to hold members of the faith in top government positions accountable, noting 'they will not talk because of what they are getting from government.'