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Isaac JacksonThe Deputy Information Minister for Public Affairs, Isaac Jackson, has called on government agencies and ministries to direct all announcements and advertisements including press conferences through the Ministry of Information.


Minister Jackson made the call in an announcement signed by the Assistant Minister for Information Services, Albert K. Jaja, which he read during the Ministry of Information's daily Ebola press briefing at the ministry Tuesday.

According to the Liberia News Agency (LINA), Minister Jackson said the measures which have been endorsed by President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, are intended to avoid any complications regarding oversight between government public relations officers and media houses.

Jackson said the Ministry of Information will coordinate with the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning to ensure that publications are actually carried out to avoid misunderstanding when settling media indebtedness.

According to the announcement, all ministries and agencies of government are “to abide by these administrative procedures as any debt incurred outside of this arrangement will be considered illegal and of no effect.”

Jackson further quoted the announcement as saying: 'these measures are intended to promote proper coordination between the government and media institutions; thereby bringing success to the entire country.”