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Darius Dallon...Dallon Claims

Darius Dillon, a former legislative aide to Senator Jewel Howard Taylor says it is a disservice to Cllr. Varney Sherman for President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf to be behind a plot to keep the ruling party Chairman off the race for the pro-tempt position.


He said President Sirleaf did not only make him a lame duck Chairman of the 'Ruling Unity Party', but also left him running an empty 'vessel'.

Dallon, once a confidante of the President said she did not support Cllr. Sherman during the senatorial election in Grand Cape Mount County, but the President is alleged to have undermined him by supporting another candidate so that he would not win.

Cllr. Sherman was one of three newly-elected Senators not allowed to participate in the certification of the National Elections Commission last Saturday due to a petition filed before the Supreme Court by Dr. Fodee Kromah of the CDC

However, CDC Secretary General Nathaniel McGill said the party has absolutely no idea on how Mr. Kromah went to the Supreme Court, noting it is not aware of the legal action.