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BelgiumLiberian Based GroupThirty orphans began their New Year's Day with smiles when they became beneficiaries of a supply of assorted food and non-food items as well as cash from the United Liberia Association in Belgium (ULAB).


The Belgium based Liberian association, through its Coordinator, Gertrude A. Kronyahn, on Thursday delivered the supplies that included several bags of rice, flour, sugar, and gallons of oil, boxes of quaker oats, butter, clorax, and disinfectants, among others.

The items were donated to a group called “Love A Child Orphanage Home” located on the Robertsfield Highway outside Monrovia.

Ms. Kronyahn said the donation was the group's noble gesture towards the needy children of Liberia which ULAB hopes and prays would continue.

"Ebola has tested the love and strength of West Africa and Liberia; therefore, it is incumbent upon us to pick the first stone in rebuilding this nation for the betterment of our people, particularly the children of this nation Liberia," she stated in her brief remarks.

She called on other Liberians, irrespective of their locations, to stand in solidarity with each other, adding, "We should work tirelessly to ensure that our peace is strengthened by our actions."

Both Mr. Albert Wreh and Mrs. Rebecca Wreh, founders of the orphanage, thanked ULAB for their support to her group.  

"God will continue to bless the work of your hands," the founders of the orphanage home said as they shower praises of blessing on them.

Teta Kollie, who's the first registered orphan of the home, on behalf of all the orphans, prayed for God's replenishment of the resources used in double-fold.

Earlier, Isaac Yeah, also based in Europe, who accompanied Ms. Kronyahn to the donation ceremony, rained praises on Mrs. Wreh for the good manner in which she continues to maintain the orphanage with specific emphasis on the impressive hygienic condition of the facilities of the orphanage.

He also stressed the need for Liberians the world over to replicate similar gestures towards the needy in the country, particularly during this time of the Ebola crisis in Liberia.

The “Love A Child Orphanage” is one of the well-known orphanages in the country that has been catering to dozens of orphans since its establishment in 1998.