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Darius Dallon...Dallon On “Recount The Ballot”

When erudite lawyer Varney Sherman got the hint from his representatives that he had won the senatorial race in Grand Cape Mount County, for him, the task he had prepared for little over a decade had been accomplished.

However, it seems there are some problems, and unless those concerns are addressed, Cllr. Sherman's quest would be place on hold temporarily.

Cllr. Sherman won the Grand Cape Mount senate contest with 13, 651 votes representing 61.7% while Dr. Fodee Kromah, runners-up, emerged with a skimpy 3,431 votes representing 15.5%.

Kromah is contending that there were some problems and has filed a complaint to the Supreme Court requesting recount of the votes. However, the margin between Cllr. Sherman and Dr. Kromah is unrivaled with 10,220 votes, which suggested a huge disparity.

Kromah, a Geologist by training, is from the main opposition Congress for Democratic Change (CDC), wants recount of the ballot.

On the basis of the complaint, the Supreme Court issued a Stay Order mandating the National Election Commission (NEC) to exclude Cllr. Sherman, Morris Saytumah and another senator-elect from Margibi County from Saturday's certification program.

However, Mr. Darius Dallon, a onetime close associate to President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, posted on his facebook page that the “Recount the Ballot" issue before the Supreme Court of Liberia for which the high court has issued a stay order against Sherman's certification is a “grand scheme” to deny him the opportunity and privilege of contesting for the office of President Pro Tempore of the Senate, which Dallon think Sherman could possibly win.

He thinks that some powerful hands are behind the scheme. Dallon, an executive of the Liberty Party claimed that the 'plot' against Cllr. Sherman is designed to have the stay order remain unheard until after election of a President Pro Tempore.

The defeated senatorial aspirant in the 2011 presidential and legislative election said those who know his recent history will know and agree that he's not a fan of Senator-elect Varney Sherman, but thinks he must speak his mind on this issue.

“Let me say this boldly.... I sense Madam Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf's 'game' all over this 'plot'. I hope I am wrong,” he added.

Dallon believes that “This is devilish and must not be allowed to hold. I am hoping the High court will sense this 'plot' and hear this 'case' speedily and timely to allow this man participate in the process,” Dallon appealed.

Notwithstanding, the Liberty Party official said he wouldn't allow whatever political differences to cause him play a blind eye on what he called a “devilish conspiracy” against Cllr. Sherman.

Of late, there have been reports of a sprain in the relationship between Cllr. Sherman, chairman of the ruling Unity Party and the party's standard bearer, President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf. The sour relationship became profound when the ruling party declared that it would not support Robert Sirleaf, the son of President Johnson Sirleaf who contested the senatorial seat of Montserrado County and lost miserably to soccer icon George Weah.

Ahead of the just ended senatorial election, Wilmot Paye, Secretary General, termed Mr. Robert Sirleaf as an 'enemy', urging UP partisans and the Liberian people in general not to vote for the President's son because he was an enemy of the party.

The trouble in the party started soon after President Sirleaf's re-election (in 2011) and when she began to appoint cabinet officials, largely ignoring competent individuals of the party who helped her immensely during her re-election bid. Hence, disenchantment ensued in the party and the youth wing staged a protest in 2012 against President Sirleaf's refusal to appoint members of the party to senior cabinet positions in her government.