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Juror Elizabeth BellyA juror serving in a US$3 million damages suit filed against a local bank has been dropped from the panel after being investigated for alleged jury tampering.


The US$3 m Action of Damages for Wrong was filed with the Civil Law Court at the Temple of Justice by the management of Embassy Suites Hotel.

Juror Elizabeth Belly, who brought the complaint that two of the defense lawyers attacked her in the corridor of the courthouse on Monday, was adjudged guilty of jury tampering.

Juror Belly named the two lawyers as Attorneys Arthur T. Johnson and Swahilo A. Sesay as her attackers.

Taking the witness stand in his own defense, Atty. Johnson told the court that  the entire allegation made by juror Belly is an attempt to divert the complaint that (they defense) have intended to file against her.

Atty. Johnson said shortly after the adjournment of the court, he saw juror Belly and witness Bobby Solomon allegedly exchanging cell phone numbers. Bobby Solomon testified as plaintiff's second witness in the ongoing trial.

He said the incident occurred at the time he was entering the Commercial Court, where the management of Embassy Suites is being prosecuted for a US$1.8 m action of debt.

However, Atty. Johnson prayed the court to order the call logs of the Lone Star Communication Corporation so as to determine whether or not witness Solomon and juror Belly made calls. The application by Atty. Johnson was granted by Judge Johannes Zlahn.

However, witness Solomon took the stand and denied Atty. Johnson's claims that he (Solomon) exchanged numbers with juror Belly.