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The Act Of bribery or kickback under Liberian jurisdiction is forbidden and that those who offer bribe(s) as well as those at the receiving end are both guilty of the crime, hence the prescribed punishment must be instituted.


In Liberia, There have been many instances in which the act of bribery took place but unfortunately most of these cases either died a natural death or submerged under some strange circumstances that they never surface again.

Bribery In Liberia is not restricted to a particular institution; it's widespread and it can be found just anywhere in the country. Those who offer bribe and the individuals at the receiving end have not been prosecuted. Media reports over claims that members of the national Legislature received huge amounts to ratify off-shore oil block 16 have become the latest news in town. It's being alleged that the Liberia government offered the money as 'inducement' for the lawmakers to ratify the contract because government desperately needs money to address certain challenges.

As A Result of the ratification, several members of the Legislature (not the newly elected lawmakers) had a wonderful Christmas celebration while the people who elected them continue to remain impoverish and destitute. There has been no significant impact on the living condition of the Liberian people; it continues to remain the same in spite of the reality that oil blocks have been ratified and/or sold.  

According To The report, the GoL is alleged to have bribed the Legislature with approximately US$3.4 million. Out of this figure, the House of Representatives reportedly received US$2.3 million while the Senate received US$1.15 million. Since the allegation, neither the Legislature nor the Executive Branch of the Liberian government has refuted the claim, suggesting that there are elements of truth.

This Is Unfair to the Liberian people for the resources of the country to be used for a privileged few instead of the entire citizenry. If the government is engaged in bribery than it compromises its integrity and ability to prosecute individual such as Clemenceau Urey, the former Board Chairman of the National Oil Company of Liberia (NOCAL) who admitted giving lawmakers US$50,000 as 'coldwater' to ratify an oil contract.

The Government Should not continue with business as usual in the New Year. By now, this government should be considering appropriating money for restructuring the education and health sectors in post Ebola era other than giving money to lawmakers who suppose to be advocating for the very people who elected them. It is absolutely unacceptable for lawmakers to be given money to do a job that they are already paid for.

We Do Not have any intention to cast aspersion on the government, but to ensure that things are done the proper way so that Liberia and Liberians will not suffer in the midst of huge natural resources. We condemn any act of bribery and/or inducement to lawmakers and public officials to do their job already paid for by taxpayers' money. This is wrong and a callous attempt to prolong the suffering of the Liberian people.