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Benoni Urey...Urey Opens Up On Oil Sale

Businessman turned politician Benoni Urey is annoyed over the arbitrary manner in which the Liberian government is giving out oil blocks to foreign companies without realizing that poverty is the biggest enemy of the country.


He said recent sale of some off-shore oil blocks is tantamount to “stealing the wealth” of the country, urging the Liberian people to resist individuals he described as “enemies of the state.”

Urey spoke at an unveiling program for a rural radio station transmission in Crozierville, Montserrado County.

“I know they have stolen almost everything from our country… you made the first Nigerian a millionaire from our oil block, and then you sell another blocks to a Nigerian Company called Liberty petroleum; we have to take control of our destiny,” Urey emphasized.

The Liberian businessman said government is selling these oil blocks when majority of the Liberian people continues to remain impoverish while the country is endowed with vast natural resources.

“My people we are in trouble. We must stand strong and fight the enemies of our country. When you tell them they are stealing, they will demonize you all kinds of ways because you are telling them to stop stealing,” Urey vents out his frustration.