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Senator Lahai LansanahSenator Lahai G. Lansanah of Bomi County refused to concede defeat when the National Election Commission (NEC) announced that he had been beaten by Cllr. Morris Saytumah.


The senator was reportedly involved in election related disturbances in Tubmanburg, Bomi County, which led to his arrest.

Senator Lansanah, arrested along with his wife and others, were brought to Monrovia and detained at Liberia National Police (LNP) headquarters.

The Lawmaker was charged but was later released from detention following the intervention of Senator Sando Johnson and his lawyer.

Residents in Tubmanburg told this paper via mobile phone that the senator and his wife were arrested after their supporters threatened to set the local National Elections Commission office in Tubmanburg on fire.

The first provisional results released by the National Election Commission put Lansanah in the second spot with 1,133 representing 32.2% far behind the leader, Morris G. Saytumah of the ruling Unity Party who has so far obtained 1,888 votes representing 53.6%.

The final provisional result puts Senator Lansanah of the National Patriotic Party (NPP) in second place with 6,837 votes about 36.3% while Saytumah won the senate seat with 8,857 votes representing 47.1%.