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Rob Sirleaf...Sirleaf Camp Cites 'Deception'

Independent candidate Robert Sirleaf is building up courage barely 48 hours after provisional results showed that he lost to Ambassador George M. Weah, the senatorial candidate of Congress for democratic Change (CDC).


The Sirleaf camp has conceded defeat, but it seems there are problems within the camp. There hasn't been any word from Mr. Sirleaf as preliminary results are being announced. The independent candidate promised that he would congratulate Mr. Weah if he wins the election.

Mr. Sirleaf is reported to be clam while contemplating on the way and manner in which he lost. There has been no reason why the president's son performed so terribly, even though he produced an impressive crowd last week which suggested that he would have posed a serious challenge to Mr. Weah.

But as it turns out, the numbers from the provisional results for Mr. Sirleaf do not reflect the true picture of his campaign.

However, the Sirleaf camp has indicated that their defeat is a result of 'deception' within.

In a message posted on their facebook page, the Sirleaf camp said “One thing I know and for show is the fact that we did not lose to Weah or the CDC, we lost to ourselves...we lost from within.”

It added that the overwhelming victory of Weah will serve as an opportunity for the people of Liberia to be able to fairly assess and evaluate the leadership ability of George M. Weah ahead of the much talk about 2017 polls.

There have been reports of wrangle within the camp as party officials point fingers at each other. An official of the Sirleaf camp who spoke to this paper on the basis of anonymity said some of Mr. Sirleaf's officials did not tell him the truth.

Our source said the Sirleaf camp was not strategic and he built confidence too early in some opportunistic individuals around him who had no loyalty to ensure that he achieves his political objective.

“This is wickedness you can't treat somebody like this…Mr. Sirleaf spent good money to perform so dismally. The numbers are not encouraging and it tells you that Mr. Sirleaf's camp officials were not up to the task,” the party insider said.