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chris Neyor…Says Neyor

Independent candidate Dr. Christopher Z. Neyor says the era of imperial presidency is drawing to a close in Liberia.


He said the electorates have validated the constitution that all power is inherent in the people and they can change that power when their safety and wellbeing are in danger.

In a statement issued Monday, December 22, 2014 on the provisional results of senatorial elections, Mr. Neyor said the voters have shown they have had enough of corruption, nepotism and horrible governance.

He cautioned those who will be elected to take note and work only in the interest of the people.   

Neyor said he has congratulated and spoken lengthily with Ambassador George Weah, the senatorial candidate of the main opposition Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) who is reportedly in a commanding lead with 79.8% of the votes announced so far by the National Elections Commission (NEC).

Based on the votes counted and announced so, it is glaring that Mr. Weah would eventually emerge as the next senator of Montserrado County.

“I have spoken lengthily with Ambassador George Weah and congratulated him on his election as the next senator of Montserrado County. I extended to him and he accepted my offer to work with him in bringing much needed relief and development to our people. When you love your country, you work to make it better whether or not you are in public office or private life,” Neyor stressed in the statement.

The Liberian energy expert called on Liberians to work together in order to curtail the cancer of corruption in the country.

He said the essence of democracy is that when elections are free, fair and transparent, all participants must not only accept the result but also commit to working for the common good.

“In his masterpiece poem "IF", Rudyard Kipling said "If you can meet triumph (victory) and disaster (defeat) and treat those two impostors just the same, you will be a man."  The essence of peace and stability in one's life is realizing victory and defeat are impostors and for the peace of one's inner spirit, you must not be perturbed whenever you experience either of them,” Neyor said, using Kipling's work as a medium to drive a message.

He said thrill of victory and the agony of defeat can only occur for a person out of balance who does not sense that they are mere impostors.

Neyor: “We must work together to curtail the cancer of corruption in our governance structure and effectively manage the natural resources God has endowed us with to break the chain of abject poverty in our country. To these undertakings, I pledge to continue my work. For me, the dream of the Crusade for Change in Liberia continues.”

The independent senatorial candidate also called on the people of Liberia to dedicate the 2014 senatorial election to compatriots who succumbed to Ebola and may those elected commit themselves with those who elected them to build a country where the impact of such epidemic will be minimized in the future.