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UNMILThe United Nations has extended the mandate of its mission in Liberia (UNMIL) to 30 September 2015. The Security Council said it has determined that the situation in Liberia continues to constitute a threat to international peace and security in the region.


The Security Council said UNMIL's authorized strength shall remain at up to 4,811 military and 1,795 police personnel.

The UN recalled its endorsement, in resolution 2066 (2012), of the Secretary-General's recommendation to decrease UNMIL's military strength in three phases between August 2012 and July 2015 and affirms its intention to resume the drawdown once it has been determined that Liberia has made significant progress in combating the Ebola outbreak, which represents a threat to the peace and stability of Liberia.

In its resolution, the UN mandated that UNMIL shall execute the following responsibilities in order of priority to include the protection of the civilian population from threat of physical violence, within its capabilities and areas of deployment; to facilitate the provision of humanitarian assistance, including in collaboration with the Government of Liberia, and those supporting it, and by helping to establish the necessary security conditions.

The UN also urged the Government of Liberia to intensify its efforts toward achieving progress on the transition of security responsibilities from UNMIL to the national authorities, particularly with regard to prioritizing and resourcing the critical gaps to facilitate a successful transition, improving the capacity and capability of the LNP and the Bureau of Immigration and Naturalization (BIN) as well as the justice sector.

The security council affirms its expectation that the Government of Liberia will assume fully its complete security responsibilities from UNMIL no later than 30 June 2016 and also asserted that its intention to consider, consistent with other responsibilities regarding the drawdown.

However, the UN security council indicated that the Government of Liberia bears primary and ultimate responsibility for security and the protection of its population and urges the government to prioritize the effective and rapid development of the security agencies, especially the LNP, which is the priority law enforcement agency tasked with civilian policing responsibilities.

The UN further expressed concern that women and girls in Liberia continue to face a high incidence of sexual and gender-based violence.

The world body called on the Government of Liberia to continue to combat sexual violence, particularly against children, and gender-based violence and to aggressively combat impunity for perpetrators of such crimes.