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AB KromahDeputy Police Director for Operations, Abraham Kromah has been accused of death threat and terror tactics against the Political Leader of the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC), George Weah.


AB Kromah as he is commonly called, is viewed as a controversial police officer allegedly bent on violating the rights of motorcyclists and other citizens; but this time accusing fingers come from the CDC Vice Chairman for Operations, Mulbah Morlu.

Mr. Morlu told a news conference last week that the life of Ambassador Weah is in danger from the command of Deputy Police Chief Kromah.

He claimed that Col. Kromah led armed police officers at 2: a.m. to Ambassador's Weah farm and attempted to arrest the farmers.

“Ambassador Weah's life is in danger; Abraham Kromah's goal is to get rid of Ambassador Weah; but let me tell you members of the press, CDC will not permit said threat because members of the CDC have reached the peak of their limit,” Morlu stressed.

He said CDC has written the international community and the Ministry of Justice to speedily intervene and protect the life of Ambassador Weah.

“George Weah's life can no longer be guaranteed because Abraham Kromah continues to rain bodily harm on him; it was this same Kromah who referred to Weah as unsophisticated idiot, meaning that getting rid of George Weah is an option that AB Kromah  is being contemplating; he referred to a man that Liberia and the whole world respect in a disdain manner; this is unacceptable and we want to raise this caveat,” Morlu emphasized.

The trouble between Col Kromah and Weah started with the prolonged detention of CDC's youth league Chairman Jefferson Koijee.

Koijee was arrested by the police following complaint by a partisan of CDC accusing him (Koijee) and others of flogging him. When Koijee was released after more than 72 hours of detention, Ambassador Weah accused Col. Kromah of being a rebel bent on violating the rights of partisans of CDC.

However, in response to the allegation at the time, Col Kromah referred to Weah as an empty headed individual who has nothing to offer Liberia describing such claims as outlandish.

When Col. Kromah was contacted Thursday via mobile phone to respond to the latest allegation by Mulbah Morlu, he replied in a text message “I am in a meeting.”