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President Sirleaf...As Genocide Charges Scare Several Officials

President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf should have travelled to the United States of America where she was scheduled to participate in a Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing on the Ebola crisis on Wednesday, December 10, 2014.


Although the Liberian leader did not go, but she did address the U.S. Congressional Committee via video conference.  It is not known what she told the committee regarding the Ebola disease.

Recently, the Liberian leader launched a nationwide “No New Cases Campaign” aimed at eradicating the Ebola disease from Liberia by the end of this year.

Speaking during the launch, President Sirleaf said the campaign is a nationwide effort between the Government of Liberia, partners and particularly the people of Liberia to achieve the national goal of “No New Cases” by the end of the year.

Administration officials have been tightlipped to give reason why President Sirleaf chose to address the U.S. Congressional Committee via video conference from Monrovia.

However, sources speaking on condition of anonymity, hinted this paper that some concerned Liberian citizens based in the United States have filed war crimes charges against current and past government officials, including warlords.

Our sources said these Liberians have also filed legal actions in more than 30 states in America against President Sirleaf, members of the Association of Constitutional Democracy in Liberia (ACDL) to include Dr. Patrick L.N. Seyon, Dr. Amos, Sawyer, Dr. Momo Rogers, Mamadee Woartee (deceased), Harry Greaves and Clarence Simpson, former president Charles Taylor and Tom Woewiyu, the former defense spokesman of the NPFL et all named in the lawsuit.

The concerned Liberians want members of the ACDL arrested and prosecuted for unlawful military action because they allegedly used the name of the ACDL to illegally solicit money to execute war in Liberia that resulted to the deaths of more than 250,000 people.

According to reports, President Sirleaf has already been briefed about the decision of some concerned Liberian citizens to file lawsuit against her and other members of the ACDL as well as others, including warlords who are alleged to have committed genocide during the country's 14 year civil war.

Consequently, sources say a Washington DC Lawyer, Steve M. Schneebaum, has been hired by the Liberian leader to represent her legal interest.