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No Valid Excuse…AEL    

The President of the Board of the Association of Evangelicals of Liberia (AEL) Rev. Nuwoe-James Kiamu says there is no valid excuse for the postponement of the December 16, 2014 Senatorial Election.


Rev. Kiamu said even though the Ebola scourge is legitimate, it is not a valid excuse for the postponement of the Election.

“The Ebola scourge was heavy on the nation in October, something neither citizens nor government could deal with adequately and timely, thus creating the need for the introduction of a state of emergency in the country,” he recalled.  

He indicated that the State of Emergency imposed by President Johnson-Sirleaf was necessary, since it concerned the health, welfare and existence of the country, noting it couldn't make good sense to hold election.

“It became necessary for the people's representatives and the Executive Branch of Government to act immediately and properly. They did, in keeping with constitutional provisions, relying on the spirit of the Constitution, rather than its letters. Those were difficult times and government needed much wisdom in all its decisions and actions,” he added.

Rev. Kiamu indicated that AEL acknowledges Government's sincere efforts to deal with the Ebola situation.

According to him, AEL also stands with the Government and people of Liberia in returning the country to normalcy in spite of this major health and social disaster that Ebola has brought to Liberia.

“We encourage Liberians to realize that no one person or group of people has a quick fix solution to our complex problems and that we all must strive together to bring respite to our people and ourselves,” he added.

He indicated that if it turns out that the elections do not proceed as planned, then, AEL holds that the sitting Senators would then have a constitutional basis to retain their seats in the Senate until at such time when it becomes feasible and proper to relieve them of their seats through elections.

Rev. Kiamu observed that there would also be no constitutional crisis in this because the flipside of a decision to postpone the elections under the prevailing circumstances is to have the sitting Senators retain their seats.