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BrumskineThe Political Leader of Liberty Party (LP) Cllr. Charles Walker Brumskine has called on President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf to immediately revoke her Executive Order #65, which bans all public gatherings and demonstrations in Monrovia and its environs.


He said such order will not be countenance by Liberians. Cllr. Brumskine said President Johnson-Sirleaf violated the Constitution and laws of Liberia by the issuance of the Executive Order.

According to him, Executive Order # 65 has the potential to lead the country into anarchy, adding “it is unlawful, bad, wrong and does not serve the interest of Liberia.”    

Cllr. Brumskine told a news conference Monday that there is no statute that gives President Johnson-Sirleaf the right or otherwise authorizes her to issue Executive Order #65.  

He indicated that Executive Order #65 does not direct how a law enacted by the Legislature should be executed; instead, it directs that a Presidential Order be executed, as a law in a manner prescribed by the president.

The Liberty Party Political Leader noted that “the president has said that she finds the 1975 Act that regulates public marches and demonstrations inadequate. Consequently, she issued Executive Order #65, as a law, depriving Liberians of their Constitutional right to freedom of expression, which includes rallies, parades and demonstrations. That is wrong.”

Brumskine added that the president's reference to the Ebola virus as an excuse for her Executive Order is shameful.

“Why would it be okay to have mass movement of people, including political rallies, parades and demonstrations on the streets on Buchanan, Gbarnga, Kakata, Voinjama, Sanniquellie and other cities of Liberia, but not Monrovia? Would the president have us believe that Monrovia is the only area in the country that continues to be affected by the Ebola virus? Even a child can see through this political plot,” he noted.

Brumskine also differed with President Johnson-Sirleaf that the Executive Order is intended to protect the security of the state, maintain law and order, and promote peace and stability in Liberia on grounds “that experience has shown, not only in Liberia, but also in Liberal democracies all over the world that the security of the state is protected, law and order are maintained, and peace and stability are ensured when the various branches of government function within their constitutional limits, premised upon the maxim that the government is by the people, of the people and for the people, and, when the people are allowed to exercise their constitutionally guaranteed rights, with each person being fully responsible for the abuse thereof.”