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R. Sirleaf 2...Robert Sirleaf Criticizes His Mother's Action

Robert Sirleaf, son of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has criticized his mother's action regarding the issuance of Executive Order No. 65, a move that has caused backlashs across the country.


The Liberia News Agency reported that based on directives from Mr. Sirleaf's campaign team, his lawyers were notified and instructed to file a prohibition with the Supreme Court of Liberia against Executive Order N. 65, terming it as “discriminatory, punitive and wrong.”

At the same time, there are reports that 14 Lawmakers, who declared support for Ambassador George M. Weah's senatorial bid, also filed a petition for prohibition with the constitutional court against Executive Order No. 65, urging the Liberian leader to reverse her decision.

The prohibition from the 14 lawmakers is being supported by the opposition CDC which should have had a mass protest on Monday but was cancelled after the court issued the stay order on the Executive Order No. 65.

The CDC said they called off the protest because of the stay order from the Supreme Court which they considered as a “victory” for the party, and had requested members of the party to gather at the party headquarters, and not the Capitol building as previously announced.

In his petition, the LINA quotes Mr. Sirleaf saying that the Executive Order seeks to undermine ongoing democratic processes by which the people of Liberia would elect the candidate of their choice who they believe are qualified to represent their interests at the national legislature for the next nine years.

Independent candidate Sirleaf argues that the Executive Order No. 65 is discriminatory because it seeks out only the people of Monrovia for its enforcement.

Mr. Sirleaf added that the executive order is punitive because it punishes all the people of Monrovia, many of whom continue to respect and abide by Ebola preventive procedures established by the government and its partners.

Last Thursday, December 4,  President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf issued Executive Order No. 65 ordering all concerted mass movements of people on the streets of Monrovia during the ensuing special elections, including in particular rallies, demonstrations and parades prohibited and for 30 days after the announcement of election results.

According to an Executive Mansion release, Executive Order No. 65, signed by President Sirleaf, is intended to strengthen the efforts of the Government of Liberia to contain the spread of Ebola, protect the security of the State, maintain law and order, and promote peace and stability in the country.