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Neyor 1…Neyor Describes Executive Order '65'

Independent Senatorial Candidate Christopher Z. Neyor has said attempt by President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf to arrogate onto herself the power to abrogate the Constitution is “reminiscent of the dark days” of the one-party dictatorship and Decree 88(A), where the fundamental rights and freedoms of the people were openly abused.


Mr. Neyor noted that the president's action is not only unacceptable but completely appalling and altogether disturbing.

Last Thursday, the government issued Executive Order No. 65, placing a ban on mass movements of people, rallies, demonstrations and parades for 30 days during and after the announcement of special senatorial election results.

He indicated that it is prejudicial and also undermines the whole essence of justice; it constitutes a breach of the peace, especially when the Supreme Court which is the final arbiter of justice now has before it matter of the 2014 special senatorial elections.

Candidate Neyor argued that President Johnson-Sirleaf lacks the power to arrogate unto her herself the power to deny the fundamental and inalienable rights of the people.

He told journalists over the weekend that Executive Order No. 65 constitutes a draconian abrogation of the organic law of our country.

The former CEO and former President of the National Oil Company of Liberia (NOCAL) indicated that President Johnson Sirleaf recently attempted to use the powers she now arrogates onto herself in Executive Order No. 65 when she requested the Legislature to grant her additional powers under the just-ended state of emergency.

According to him, the Legislature being farsighted and more politically matured outrightly rejected this naked request for unwarranted additional powers.  

Mr. Neyor questioned Johnson-Sirleaf's reasons for the issuance of the Executive order and noted that “the measure is intended to contain and control the further spread of Ebola. If Ebola was truly the problem, these special senatorial elections would have been postponed and we all continue our collective fight against this ravaging disease before conducting election.”

Said Neyor, “the activities of campaigning – shaking hands, hugging, kissing, large crowds - are diametrically opposed to measures health professionals have put in place to contain the Ebola epidemic. We have always maintained that the lives of the people are more important than election. Now that campaign has been declared open and we have started making our case before the voters, we are ready for the election but will abide by the decision of the Supreme Court.”

Speaking further, candidate Neyor asked how Executive Order No. 65 prohibits demonstrations and protest for 30 days after the announcement of election results and why only in Montserrado County?

“What parity of reasoning did she use to determine that Ebola will be kicked out of here within 30 days after the announcement of election result? Does it mean that if the election result is announced any time before or after 30 days Ebola will not be defeated? How can she tie in Ebola to election result and how does the number of days worsen or help the fight against Ebola especially when anchored on result”? Mr. Neyor inquired.  

Mr. Neyor indicated that the decision is an insinuation that President Johnson-Sirleaf is aware that the election result for Montserrado County would be contrary to the wishes of the voters and she is preparing in advance to circumvent their protest.

“If this chicanery is allowed to go unchecked, Executive Order No. 65 may be used to change the outcome of the Montserrado County election and people will have no legal recourse. This seems like a trick and the game plan is a plot to steal our votes in the name of Ebola.” he noted

He added that President Johnson-Sirleaf's plot is taking roots, as her unpopular son continues to elevate himself to be in a two horse race with Mr. Weah.

“Scientific poll shows the real race is between Christopher Neyor and George Weah, but Mr. Sirleaf using millions of ill-gotten funds has commissioned bogus polls that continue to show him leading me even in my own village. Some people just do not have any shame,” Neyor observed.