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CBL Governor JonesThe Governor of the Central Bank Governor has underscored the need for strong and selfless leadership, one with a bold vision to transform the country's economy.


Dr. Joseph Mills Jones said it is now time for the country to take appropriate measures that would rebuild itself and grow an inclusive economy driven by Liberians; one, he noted, that creates opportunity for all Liberians.

The CBL Governor made the statement over the weekend at a farewell dinner hosted in honor of two retired members of the Board of Governors in Monrovia

Governors Mildred B. Reeves, a former General Manager and Deputy Chief Executive Officer (DCEO) of the Liberia Bank for Development and Investment (LBDI) and David K. Vinton, a former National Bank Governor and former President and CEO of LBDI, ended their terms as Board of Governors of CBL last week after completing one and two terms, respectively.

The two outgoing CBL Board of Governors were praised by several individuals, including business executives and entrepreneurs for their extraordinary leadership role exhibited while on the Board.

Dr. Jones who chairs the Board of Governors of the CBL, commended the two officials for playing key roles in the transformation of the CBL.

“Governors Mildred B. Reeves and David K. Vinton are leaders and they've proved their leadership capabilities on the Board of the CBL. Their leadership roles led to the transformation of the bank to build an inclusive economy," Governor Jones stressed as he heap praises on the two retired bank executives.