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Ebola body 2Residents of Swakanmore community in Congo Town are calling on the Red Cross burial team to exhume the remains of a suspected Ebola body buried over night in the community by unknown men.


Unknown men Tuesday night, December 2, 2014 reportedly dumped a suspected Ebola body in a mangrove swamp near Swakanmore Community.

One of the men, Joe Mulbah arrested by residents admitted that the dead person dumped in the swamp was his mother.

He told residents that he cannot identify the exact spot where his mother was buried by the men he hired. The suspect was later turned over to the police.

Following thorough search on Wednesday, December 3, 2014, the residents identified the spot where the woman was buried.

One of the residents, Kugumah Jallah, said the woman was buried in a shallow grave in the swamp.  Mr. Jallah said the secret burial of the lady poses health threat to inhabitants of Swakanmore Community.

He said the body was not properly buried; “how can they be so wicked to bury in a swamp?” he asked.

Mr. Jallah indicated that there are wells situated near the swamp which would get contaminated as the corpse decays.

Adolphus Varney, another resident told The NEWS that all efforts made by the residents to have the body exhumed by health workers did not materialize as the Ministry of Health failed to send a team there.

He called on the Red Cross burial team to immediate exhume the body so as to allay fear of residents concerning a possible outbreak in the area.

Varney alleged that the police allow suspect Joe Mulbah to leave because according to them they can't keep him since they don't know his Ebola status.

Mr. Varney said the police are afraid of contracting Ebola from the suspect who touched the body.