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Senator Oscar A. Cooper… Senator Cooper Claims

Margibi County Senator Oscar A. Cooper is claiming that the Ministry of Public Works has misapplied over US$24.7 million on the construction of Bopolu- Belleh Yellah, and Brewerville-Gbarpolu road projects.


He claimed that the amount was misused because the contracts were given to companies that lacked the capacity and technical expertise.

“Over 24.7 million United States dollars have been misused for the construction of two roads projects' in the country; look at that Belleh Yelleh road where government spent US$19.2M; nothing is there; the road hasn't reached to the place it should reach and also this Brewerville road that should be connected to Gbarpolu, US$5M was also spent on that and nothing we can see from these two projects,” Senator Cooper alleged.

He expressed disappointment over the manner in which road construction contracts are awarded.  The lawmaker said several construction companies operating in Liberia are bogus and lacked the capacity and technical expertise.

Senator Cooper made the statement Tuesday at the confirmation hearings of Public Works Minister-designate William Gyude Moore and his deputy Roland Giddings.

He called on the two nominees to review all contracts given to construction companies under the administration of former Public Works Minister Samuel Kofi Woods because, according to him, valued for money was excluded in the contracts, while other contracts awarded were overvalued.

Senator Cooper urged them to build the capacity of Liberian construction companies, adding that a Liberian owned company will work for the common good and love of the country.

“It's not because one company didn't do the right thing so that means the rest can't do better; I am urging the both of you to build the capacities of Liberian owned construction companies.

He encouraged the officials to also review the legal templates in the awarding of contracts.