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Ebola Body DumpUnknown men on Tuesday night, December 2, 2014 reportedly dumped a suspected Ebola body in a mangrove swamp near Swakanmore community in Congo Town.


Residents of the community arrested one of the men who identified himself as Joe Mulbah, while attempting to flee the area.

Our reporter said the body was brought in a pick-up with plate number PP-838 and service name: “Jesus Is The Answer, Be Careful.”  

According to our reporter, the suspect was later turned over to Police who took him to a local depot following the intervention of police spokesman Sam Collins.

Suspect Joe reportedly pleaded with the residents to allow him leave the scene because the dead person dumped in the swamp was his mother, who died Tuesday, December 2, 2014.

Joe claimed that his mother didn't die from Ebola, but residents did not believe him. “It is only because, I never had money to give her proper burial; this is why I decided to bring her here,” he said.

According to him, he hired one Col. Mark, a resident of the community to dispose his mother's remains for LD$4,000.

Col. Mark, according to Joe, later employed the services of about five men, who agreed to bury his mother in the mangrove swamp.

“Col. Mark and his boys ran away when the people caught us. They left me here. The driver also abandoned the pick-up and fled,” he further explained.  “I don't know the exact spot where she was buried. I didn't follow them in the swamp,” Joe said when pressed to take the residents to where his mother was buried.

Joe and the vehicle were later taken to the police station.  Residents of the community told The NEWS that they are living in fear as a result of the incident.