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bnelsonOne of the petitioners seeking the postponement of the December 16, 2014 special senatorial election has predicted an interim government if the election is held as scheduled.


Mr. Blamo Nelson said the pending senatorial election is in violation of the Liberian Constitution and Elections Law of Liberia.

He said President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf and the Legislature have violated the constitution by choosing December 16, 2014 for the senatorial election.

The former Grand Kru County senator contended that only Liberians have the right as provided by the constitution to choose when the election is held and not the President or Legislature.

Nelson said the second Tuesday in October of an election year was chosen by the Liberian people and if there must be any change, the people should be the ones to do so.

He also said election cannot be held in the absence of the publication of voters' rolls update as provided by law.

The former Minister of Internal Affairs argued that holding of the election in the absence of voters' roll update is a recipe for problem that could undermine the peace of Liberia.

He said the National Elections Commission (NEC) earlier promised to publish the final voters' listing on June 30, 2014 but has refused to do so.

Mr. Nelson also said NEC announced that 1.9 voters registered to participate in the election but the Commission printed 2.6 million ballot papers, something he believes, should concern candidates and voters.

He recalled in 1927 that the Elections Commission at the time announced that 15,000 voters registered and did not publish the voters' listing but during the election 250,000 people voted which led to problem.

Nelson said while he wants for election to be held, it is important for the process to be lawful rather than violating the constitution and the election law.

“We don't want interim government; that is why we are raising these issues now; these are the kind of things that can bring interim government...when you disobey the law; when you don't do things according to the law...then you bring interim government,” he stated.