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Rev. Fr. Michael T. Sie...Priest Cautions

A youthful Episcopal clergyman has cautioned Liberians against deceit, malice and backbiting in their Christian activities.


The Rector of the St. Augustine Episcopal Church, Rev. Fr. Michael T. Sie said God's spirit does not dwell in what he called “white teeth, black heart.”

Delivering his sermon on Sunday, November 30, 2014, Rev. Sie stressed that Liberians must be sincere in the service of God.

As he mounted the pulpit sermonizing on the theme, “Those that wait on the Lord” from the Holy Gospel of Mark 13:24-37, these were his words, “When we refuse to give food to the hungry, when we turn our backs on those who need our help, when we refuse to give water to the thirsty, to care for the sick and refuse to welcome strangers. By our refusal to help those who are in need, we have done the same to God.”

He said Liberians should change their ugly ways for the better, adding “change from undermining people into productive Christians.”

Rev. Sie emphasized that it is important to clean the hearts of deceit, pretense, malice and desist from rejoicing in the downfall of others so that when the Lord comes, he may enter a clean heart.

Preaching further, Sie said Jesus Christ will come again but believers and his followers must keep on the watch and be alerted, stressing “in Christianity, there is no room for complacency.”