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William Gyude Moore...Public Works Minister-designate

Public Works Minister-designate William Gyude Moore has informed the Senators that US$2 billion is needed to connect the capitals of the 15 counties.


According to him, only 760 km of Liberia's 10,000 km roads are paved, promising to continue ongoing road projects across the country when confirmed.

Speaking Tuesday at his confirmation hearing, Moore told the Senate Committee on Public Works that he will propose innovative ways to finance and repair roads, bridges and other vertical infrastructures.

The Public Works Minister-designate also said his administration will ensure that all contracts valued at US$250,000 and above will require contractors to hire at least two new engineering graduates or graduating seniors from local universities who are Liberians as a way of giving them practical experience.

He disclosed that Liberianization policy will continue at the ministry and all contracts valued US$500,000 and above will require at least 20 percent of the works to a majority Liberian owned small business or contractor.

Moore promised to work with the government multilateral and bilateral partners to ensure that their respective infrastructure projects are on course and completed on schedule.

The Chairperson of the Senate Committee on Public Works, Senator Oscar A. Cooper said the Public Works Ministry has performed dismally over the years especially when it comes to the awarding of contracts.

He hopes that when confirmed, the Minister-designate would make use of his youthful age by putting Liberia above self interest.

Moore holds undergraduate and graduate degrees from the Berea College in Kentucky and the Georgetown University in Foreign Service Program and Security.