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Rep. G. Nyenkan…Lawmaker Urges Ellen

A member of the House of Representatives is claiming that the Code of Conduct Law is being violated.


Representative J. Gabriel Nyankan wants President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf to enforce the law.

In a communication to Plenary Tuesday, Representative Nyankan said officials were bent on doing things contrary to the law.

He did not name the officials who he claimed were violating the law, but said that the officials have been engaged in political activities as well as  campaigning for candidates.

Representative Nyankan said Liberia is a country governed by laws and if they (lawmakers) do not ensure that the laws are respected by all, the country's integrity would puncture and public confidence will be undermined massively.

Representative Nyankan's comment is in apparent reaction to recent public declaration made by Montserrado County Superintendent Florence Brandy who vowed to campaign for Mr. Robert Sirleaf, an independent candidate in the pending Special Senatorial Election.

In her declaration, the Montserrado County Superintendent vowed to intensify campaign for Mr. Sirleaf to ensure his victory as Senator for the County.

Representative Nyankan wants the Legislature to remind the President of these violations of the Code of Conduct Act.

Representative: “Fellow colleagues we all are cognizant of violence and destruction electoral tension has caused in Liberia and we need to take heed; we cannot continue to fold our arms and play a blind eye when actions that have the propensity to spark conflict are being perpetrated by people who contravene the law.”

Representatives' Nyankan communication was greeted by some lawmakers including Edwin Snowe, Gayah Karmo, Eugene Kparkar and Acarous Gray, as serious and must not be taken for granted because appointed officials are now interpreting the Code of Conduct differently.  

Following series of debates on the communication, the House Committee on Judiciary was mandated to investigate the issue and advise plenary.