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Dumpsite food 1...Dog, Residents In Frontline

A community outside Buchanan, Grand Bassa County, known as 'Own your Own' is a place where dogs and residents struggle to survive from waste products.


The area is where Arcelormittal and other multinational companies are using to waste their spoiled foods. The dumpsite is opposite an Ebola Treatment Unit constructed by the United States Government.

In an interview with our reporter who visited the site for the second time last Friday, November 28, 2014, the citizens said they are constrained to battle with dogs on the dump site for rotten foods and contaminated bottles of milk because they have been reportedly abandoned by their leaders.

Some residents said they have nothing to depend on for survival, while others said they were doing this because their husbands were out of jobs and their children need to survive.

“But my husband not working so these people when they bring their things that's the time we can pick among it to eat; we been here almost four years now,” madam Marry Thomas, a 49-year-old woman told our reporter.

Madam Thomas said she regrets living on the dump site food to survive but was forced to do so due to lack of support.

She said it was regrettable to see citizens who voted people into political positions but are living disgraceful life.

The citizens said they are grateful for the presence of the dump site in the community because it provides food for them or else they would have been dead by now.

The citizens said they are constrained to eat from the dump site because their elected leaders have neglected them over the years after voting for them.

Our reporter's first visit to the site quoted another woman in the area as saying: “Take our pictures, we are eating from dump par because that what our leaders we elected like; they want to see us living on dump par food and they are in Monrovia enjoying,” Madam Marry Brumskine indicated.

Madam Brumskine: “The food comes from the white people - their remaining food when they bring it we can come to eat so we can live. When the people tired with their food they can put it in plastic bags and bring it here and we can take it home and worm it to eat”

Madam Brumskine, a mother of ten children with a jobless husband said they have been eating from the dump site in the open for a very long time with nothing being done by leaders in the county.

She said they are exposed to illnesses due to danger posed by the foods they are consuming which include contaminated canned milks, expired biscuits and used tomatoes, among others.