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River CessFACE Africa is expected to enhance its response to the fight against Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) in Rivercess County.


The organization recently received a grant in the amount of US$147,000 from the Robert Bosch Foundation and is expected to use the fund to scale up its Ebola response activity as well as to continue community outreach and Ebola prevention campaigns in the county.

With the grant, FACE Africa will also provide administrative and logistical support to Rivercess County Health Team, train local volunteers as contact tracers and resume delivery of essential WASH services to those who need most.

“FACE Africa’s initial response efforts in Rivercess were successful in prevention
and infection control, but we now have to aggressively scale up our response to prepare the county for a possible worst-case scenario,” said Ms. Saran Kaba
Jones, FACE Africa’s Founder and CEO.

Ms. Jones said they have been operating in Liberia for the last five years providing water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) services to remote, rural communities, and more specifically in Rivercess County - one of the poorest and most marginalized counties in Liberia.

According to her, as a result of the intensity of the EVD outbreak in July 2014, FACE Africa temporarily suspended its WASH operations and re-directed all efforts and resources towards an Ebola Response in Rivercess, a county of approximately
71,000 people.

She indicated that FACE Africa’s Ebola Response campaign will target the eight districts in Rivercess.

For his part, Emmett Wilson, FACE Africa Program Manager lauded their partner Robert Bosch Foundation for the support.