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Popo Beach…In Popo Beach

The Project Team of the UNDP/Ministry of Health Community Based Initiative in Montserrado County has reported that the outbreak of Ebola in the Popo Beach Community in District 16, New Kru Town, has been subdued.


According to the Team, there are currently no new cases in Popo Beach for the last two weeks, attributing this success to the intensive work of coordination between the Active Case Finders and the Contact Tracers.

Project Coordinator, Dr. Mosoka Fallah said a team on a monitoring mission met with the local chairman of Active Case Finders and also visited some of the contacts to assess the current situation which proved to be stable.

Meanwhile, the CBI Team has averted another outbreak, also in District 16, New Kru Town but this time, at a local Church in the area.

According to the report, the spiritual head of the Church was diagnosed positive of the disease. She died about two weeks ago after contracting the disease from one of the members she had offered prayers for. The woman also died later.

Active Case Finders in the area, working with Contact Tracers and Action Contre la Faim have been able to identify a number of suspected Ebola contacts and are currently conducting a 24 hour surveillance. Already, three of the suspected contacts showing signs of the disease have been referred to the Island ETU Clinic.

Based on the Ebola alert communicated by the CBI, a full response team from ACF, the CDC and WHO has been deployed to work with Active Case Finders and Contact Tracers.

A comprehensive listing of contacts has been finalized and the Incident Management System (IMS) is working to get food to the contacts in order to enforce quarantine.

UNDP has re-programmed its resources in Liberia to meet a range of Ebola-related challenges. So far, UNDP’s support has helped strengthen coordination of assistance at the country level, promoted social mobilization.

The Montserrado Community Based Initiative, supported by UNDP through the Ministry of Health, is a strategic community based project which seeks to help identify, track and document Ebola related contacts, reduce denial, search for the sick, uncover hidden bodies, and increase awareness in Montserrado County.