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Rep. Roland CooperMargibi County Representative Roland O. Cooper has been linked to illegal sale of land in Duazon, Lower Margibi County


But Representative Cooper has rubbished the allegation, saying he was not involved in any illegal sale of land in Duazon.

According to sources, Rep. Cooper along with chiefs and elders of Duazon are 'illegally' selling land owned by individuals and institutions in the area.

The First Assembly of God Church located on Buchanan Street in Monrovia which has its land in Duazon is said to be affected by the actions of Rep. Cooper and others.

The Church, which owns 10 acres of land in Duazon community is said to have lost over eight acres as a result of the citizens’ action.

The AG Church is said to have bought the land from a prominent citizen of Duazon who has reportedly died.

Our source said during the groundbreaking ceremony, chiefs, elders and citizens of Duazon attended the program and did not object to the purchase of the land.

The citizens are said to be involved in the rampant sale of land in the area.  Our source said the Church wrote the Ministry of Justice complaining the citizens which led the Ministry to send police officers on the scene to arrest them (citizens) but Rep. Cooper reportedly prevented the arrest.

The AG Church is said to have constructed a Church, school, toilets and other facilities on the land in Duazon.

However, Rep. Cooper said the AG Church illegally bought the land from a single individual and not the citizens of Duazon.

He said as a representative of the people of Duazon, he will not allow anyone to take what belongs to them, intimating that the AG Church is using a deputy minister from the Ministry of Justice to intimidate his people.

Rep. Cooper said he has written the Church and citizens to meet with them in order to look into the matter.